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Our Mission

We all know that having a well-designed office space makes a difference. This difference may appear in the form of an improvement in productivity, an unleashing of creativity, or better cooperation among your team members. We are proud that our products help promote such great human capabilities. At Palace Inc., it is our mission to always pay attention to detail, to quality, and to the people who work and live with our products – to make their everyday work experiences better and thus make the world a better place to live in.

Product Categories and Concept

We gave our product line five names: CIELO, FUOCO, AQUA, TERRA, and VENT. They mean, in Italian, sky, flame, water, soil, and wind. They are the basic elements of nature. In giving our products these names, we hope they will become the basic elements of a work environment that promotes prosperity and comfort.




This product line features extra-slim metal frames combined with glass panels. It promotes A modern and sophisticated work atmosphere while providing privacy, reflecting the openness of the sky.


Many work spaces have adopted this popular line of steel partitions. It is almost as basic to our civilization as fire.


This product line features aluminum frames. They are flexible and affordable to use in a wide variety of workspaces. Yet, they are also essential to our lives, just like water.


This product line can support a variety of needs in different work environments. It is just like soil, which produces so many varieties of vegetation.


This product line features wood panels. It provides the comfort of both coolness and warmth, like the shade of a tree on a sunny day. Feel the breeze in your office space.

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Palace Inc. is not just a manufacturer of office partitions and dividers, but a one-stop source for comprehensive workspace design. Whether for an office or a shop, new or being renovated, our extensively experienced design professionals will prepare proposals that wow you. Satisfaction guaranteed.

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